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It’s not a shock to know that McDonalds is one of the most famous and fast growing restaurant chains in the whole world. From children to teenagers to adults, everyone knows how famous and popular McDonalds actually is.

One of the reasons for the popularity of McDonalds is how it captivated the attention of not only the adults by making scrumptious fast food items but also of children by offering them kids special meals like McDonalds Happy meal.

Moreover, most McDonald’s restaurants also have a separate playing area for kids where they can casually play and go for little rides. All of such things have really played a huge role in the popularity of McDonalds.

Talking about fast food items, we all have at least once in our life visited and have tasted McDonalds fast food items like it’s delicious cheeseburgers, croissants and their freshly cooked fries with various drinks. Here, we are going to talk solely about McDonalds drinks menu. So let’s just dig into that.


With its diverse range of burgers and breakfast options, people are actually not quite aware of the fact that McDonalds is quite famous for its extensive drinks menu. It has all kinds of fancy drinks including coffees, lattes, McCafe beverages, cold drinks, juices and so much more.


In Canada, the restaurant has the same kind of soft drinks that it serves all over the world including some of the very famous and most asked-for drinks which people absolutely love.

Here are some of the drinks you can try out at a McDonalds restaurant in Canada.

  • Soft drinks

McDonalds serves quite a good range of different soft drinks in various sizes to go with their meals. The soft drink options include coke, diet coke, sprite, Fanta and some other carbonated drinks.

  • Fruit Juices

Okay, many people are not aware of this but yes, McDonalds do serve some of the best fresh juices at their restaurant which include orange and apple juices. These are perfect for those who are looking to maintain a balance between their diets.

  • Ices Teas

Iced teas at McDonalds taste like heaven! These amazing iced teas are served with sweet and unsweet choices as well as flavored too. The flavored iced teas include raspberry and peach options.

  • McCafe Beverages

McCafe beverages are McDonalds special line of beverages for people who love coffee, their different flavors and styles. These include lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and iced coffee served in different flavors and styles.

  • Smoothies

Yes! You read it right. McDonalds serves smoothies as well. If you are looking for something nutritious as well as something tasty, you can go for their incredibly made smoothies. These smoothies are a mixture of yogurt, fruits and some ice making it a delicious combo.

  • Seasonal offerings

McDonalds also introduces some seasonal offerings in their drinks menu that remain limited to a season. The reason for such items on the restaurant’s menu is only to keep their menu updated and more exciting rather than serving the same items every day.

  • Customizations

Other than all these options, McDonalds also allows their customers to customize their drinks by adjusting the levels of sweetness and adding in some extra items or flavors to make yourself a specially customized drink.

NOTE: Apart from these beverages, just like any other normal restaurant, McDonalds also offers water.



There has been news all over the internet and in Canada that McDonalds has now introduced 3 new drinks to its drinks menu in Canada. And guess what? We confirmed it and it turns out it is true! The new drinks are:

  • Lemon fruit splash:

This drink is made up of pure lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and lemon pulp with lots of ice.

  • Strawberry passion fruit splash

This drink resembles the lemon fruit splash and is made exactly like that just with the addition of strawberry and passionfruit.

  • Peach mango fruit splash

This drink is also made just like the above two drinks but just with the addition of mango and peach juice flavors to give it its own uniqueness.


McDonalds, according to the season, also offers frozen drinks which people absolutely find really scrumptious during summer heat. These drinks include a lot of delicious options and when it’s already summer, where people are getting all hot and sweaty, who would not want a nice chilled drink?

Here are some of the incredible options of frozen drinks at McDonalds.

  • McFlurry: A popular McDonalds Ice cream.
  • Frappe: Blended coffee drinks
  • Smoothies: Mixture of yogurt and fruits
  • Frozen strawberry lemonade: Blend of strawberries and lemonade
  • Frozen coke/ cherry: Simple chilled drinks


Although McDonalds offers a huge variety of options from its drinks menu which has a unique and consistent taste that remains the same no matter where you are. Not just this, but McDonalds is quite affordable too for almost everyone.

But just like the experts say! Too much of anything can’t be good for you. The drinks have a lot of sugar in them and drinking them too often can have a bad impact on your health. It’s equally important for everyone to have a balanced diet. 


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An average cold drink at McDonalds costs about $2.00 - $2.50
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The branch of McDonalds located in Golden, BC, Canada remains open for 24 hours.

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