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IHop – International House of Pancakes Menu Prices

Breakfast lovers know the struggle of finding the right restaurant for their cravings. Unfortunately, there are very few good restaurants that offer a nice breakfast deal. You can include Denny’s in your list because every menu item is worth trying. Today, we are here to make you familiar with an impressive restaurant that goes by the name IHop.

IHop Restaurant Canada Menu

You will be amazed to look at the variety of dishes that IHop has to offer. Its name has the mention of pancakes in it which means one of its specialties is Pancakes. But that’s not just it, there are other breakfast items as well to try if you aren’t such a fan of pancakes.

Most Liked Items

The IHop CA menu starts with the mention of most liked items. It is due to the customers who vote for their favourite item and as a result that item gets included in the list. Majority of the customers voted for the below mentioned items.

Remember that most liked items and popular items are two different sections in the IHop Canada menu. The popular items are certified by the restaurant itself whereas the most liked items depend on the customers. Anyhow, the popular items at IHop include signature milkshakes (mostly strawberry), French Toast combinations and of course pancake deals.

Feasts And Favourites

Another section is present with the name Feasts and Favourites. Unfortunately, there are only two items present; one is Signature Milkshakes while the other is Family Feast.

Burritos And Bowls

Where are all the Burrito lovers? We have good news! IHop is offering a separate section for all the Burrito lovers. You will get to enjoy individual burritos as well as their bowls. The prices are almost the same so don’t worry about it.

World Famous

There is a unique section in the IHop restaurant menu which is World Famous. It includes the famous New York cheesecake, chocolate chips, buttermilk and how can we forget the pancakes?

IHOP Breakfast Menu

Now comes the proper breakfast menu offered by IHop. All the breakfast items which you like or expect to see in this restaurant are present. There isn’t a single item that is not present in this menu so what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favourite breakfast deal.

IHOP Pancakes Menu

Pancakes on the IHop menu are the most famous among people. A variety of flavours include strawberry, blueberry, and strawberry banana. You can pick and try your favourite flavour without having to worry about the prices.


Waffles are another exciting option to go for in the IHop menu. You will get to enjoy Belgian Waffles and a combo of Chicken + Waffles like you used to enjoy at Starbucks.

French toast

Many people like French toast for breakfast. So if you are in the mood of enjoying tasty French toasts then don’t wait and grab them from IHop. You can either go for regular French toasts, French toast combo or strawberry banana French toast.


IHop menu prices are pretty reasonable if you closely pay attention to them. Crepes are also easy to eat so if you ever get a chance to try crepes then there is no better place than IHop.

IHop Creations

The IHop creations section has a total of 3 items; customise egg beanie, Chicken and pancakes, and southwest scramble. You should know that these three items are quite famous due to their taste and quality.


Tim Horton’s also serves breakfast which includes steaks and eggs. But the important thing in this section is the mention of 2 X 2 X 2. This combination means 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips and 2 pancakes.


Omelettes are liked by almost everyone in their breakfast. Due to this, IHop offers a variety of Omelette options to its customers. It will nearly cost you a bill of $19.

Hand Crafted Melts

IHop menu prices Canada includes hand crafted melts options as well. The least expensive of all is Ham and Egg Melt having a price tag of $15.39.


There is not much in the Appetisers section of the IHop menu with prices in Canada. Only 3 options are present including mozza sticks (Mozzarella sticks), chicken strips along with fries and an appetiser sampler.

IHop Ultimate Steak burgers

Not exactly a breakfast item but you can enjoy these steak burgers in your lunch. They taste so good that you will literally become their fan.


A roasted turkey dinner is all that’s included in the Entrees section.

Kids Menu

Kids do have their equal share at IHop. Different deals and combos are present for kids and every single one of it costs the same i.e. $8.49.


Your favourite section, sides section, has a total of 10 items included. You can enhance the flavour of your meal by ordering a suitable side option with it.


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and iced-tea are some of the beverages that you would be expecting in this section. Well, the good news is that there are other options as well including Pepsi, Orange juice, 7up etc.

IHop Locations

IHop is operational in the following areas:

  •       Lundy’s Lane
  •       Clifton Hill
  •       The Wyndham Falls view
  •       Tower Hotel
  •       Wyndham Garden

IHop Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for IHop, then do try the following restaurants.

  • Eggspectation

Quite evident from its name, Eggspectation serves a unique variety of breakfast and brunch options. The dishes include pancakes, crepes and other egg dishes.

  • Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill is another breakfast place which is pretty popular among the people. The waffles of this place are worth-trying for.

  • Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch

There are very few restaurants which offer both lunch and breakfast; Cora is one of such restaurants to offer both. There is a variety of lunch and breakfast items.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.


Visit our official website https://ihop.ca/ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A 2 X 2 X 2 At IHop?
2 X 2 X 2 at IHop means 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips and 2 pancakes.
Why Is IHop Popular?
IHop is popular due to many things but the most important one is its variety of breakfast items along with a nice ambiance.
How Big Is A Full Stack At IHop?
A full stack at IHop contains a total of 5 pancakes which is actually a lot.
How Many Pancakes Does IHop Make?
IHop makes an estimated amount of 700 million pancakes per year.

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