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Gladiator Burger Menu Prices Canada

Gladiator burger, must be a big burger right? Well, you are not wrong here as the name does complete justice with the burger size. Not just burgers but you will get a lot more items offered in this restaurant. Although Gladiator Burger is a Canadian-based restaurant it does have franchises in other parts as well. It creates ease for the people living in different areas.

Gladiator Burgers Menu

We understand that whenever you hear about any restaurant then the first thing which you want to explore is its price menu. You want to look at different items and order your favourite one. It is understandable, right? Now let’s jump straight into the Gladiator burger prices without any further ado.

Gladiator Burger Menu Prices

The specialty of this place is of course burgers. The Gladiator burger & steak menu goes on and on and gives enough choices to the customers. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to find the famous Whopper Burger of Burger King but you can definitely go on with other choices. A total of 22 burger options are available for you, what else would a burger-lover want? You will need a total of 22 days to finish just the burger menu alone.

Steak Sandwiches

Now comes the sandwiches section. Remember this thing that the mention of Gladiator’s burger & steak go together. If you are a fan of sandwiches served at Chick-Fil A then you would definitely love the steak sandwiches served here. The sandwiches have unique and different flavours and not the ordinary ones which you would most likely see in other restaurants.

Crowd’s Sides

Harvey’s sides’ options create a much similarity with the side options of Gladiator Burger. You can enhance the taste of your meal by picking your favourite side item and enjoying it with your main course.

Choose your Add-ons

You thought that you would be served an ordinary burger with nothing exciting pairing with it? Well, my friend, you might be wrong here. You can visit the add-ons section and choose your favourite add-on from a list of 22 options.


Jarritos might be something you are hearing for the first time. Well, this beverage makes this section different from the rest. We encourage you to order this drink if you are in a mood to try something different.


If you are visiting this restaurant with your friends or family then you can always go with the Combos option. There are two combos available having exactly the same price now it is up to you which one you order.

Gladiator Burger Locations

Gladiator Burger is operational in the following areas:

  •       Mississauga (West)
  •       Brampton, ON
  •       Mississauga (East)
  •       Oakville
  •       Scarborough
  •       Waterloo

Gladiator Burger Alternatives

If you want to try the alternatives for Gladiator Burger, then do try the following restaurants.

Five Guys is a famous restaurant having franchises all over Canada. It is famous for its burgers, toppings and usage of fresh ingredients.

  • Big Smoke Burger

Canada-based burger spot which specializes in making burgers having unique flavours and tasteful toppings.

  • Burger Priest

Burger Priest is a famous burger spot having franchises in Ontario and Alberta. It offers burgers of high-quality with a great taste.

Contact Us

You can contact us through the phone number provided below.

(519) 725-7777

Visit our official website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Gladiator Burger?
Ali Ibrahim is the owner of Gladiator Burger. His target audience is college students who need to be fed as soon as they return from their college.
Is The Gladiator Burger Halal?
Yes, all the Gladiator Burgers are certified Halal. You can eat them without worrying about this fact.
How Many Calories Are In A Large Gladiator?
The size of a large gladiator is 40 oz. It has a total of 360 calories intake.

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